NDSU vs CSU 24 to 17

The NDSU ‘Bison’ will host the Charleston Southern ‘Buccaneers’ in first game on American soil of the 2016 NCAA Football Season.

What will this season bring? The NDSU Bison are returning six starters on Offense. The Bison lost quarterback Carson Wentz and left tackle Joe Haeg to the NFL, but Easton Stick proved himself by filling in last year at quarterback; going 8–0. King Frazier looks strong leading our four running backs with 1,158 yards and 11 Touchdowns last season.
Without Zach Vraa the receivers corp does not look as strong this year.
The Defense looks good returning eight starters. Linebacker Nick DeLuca is the only FCS player on the Butkus Award watch list. The weakest spot will be at Cornerback. Charleston Southern likes to throw the ball. Will they exploit this weakness? Will the Bison find their footing during this season opener?

Craig Maas: 2016 0827 Charleston Southern &emdash; DSC01899
NDSU QB #12 Easton Stick’s pass is intercepted by DB #7 Troy McGowens at the CSU 30. Stick makes the tackle and prevents a touchdown. CSU would have won the game. It was 4th and 5 at the CSU 35 with 18 seconds left in the game. –Photo by Craig Maas.

Note: I attended and photographed the game. My photographs cover most of the game and each photo’s description follows the play-by-play, so I recommend you look at the photos in the gallery or use the slideshow to view more photos of the game.

Game Review

FCS Kickoff Game

This is the third year ESPN has kicked off the NCAA football season with a FCS game. The second year in a row with the NDSU ‘Bison’. Today the Bison will host 6th ranked; defending Big South Conference champion, Charleston Southern.
This is the first game between NDSU and Charleston Southern, but NDSU is 2–0 against teams from the Big South Conference beating Coastal Carolina in the 2013 and 2014 FCS quarterfinals. The Bison come into this game with 42 straight home wins over non-conference opponents. The point spread was 19.5 in favor of NDSU.
NDSU is ranked number one in the STATS FCS Top–25 preseason poll, with 152 of the 158 first-place votes. NDSU also received all 25 first-place votes in the FCS Coaches Poll.

It’s pretty cool being on ESPN’s FCS Kickoff again. Hopefully it will turn out better than last year’s 38–35 loss at Montana on a last-second touchdown pass by the Grizzlies. FCS Kickoff isn’t easy for the teams, they have to start preparing much earlier in the season.. NDSU head football coach, Chris Klieman says, “It’s great for FCS football. The match ups have been dynamite. Love the FCS Kickoff, but glad we’re not playing in it next year. Tough to start camp in July for how long our seasons have gone.”

Game Day
From 6:36 pm to 10:15 pm on Gate City Bank Field at the Fargodome with 18,881 in attendance. It is going to be loud. In order to prepare, CSU practiced with loud speakers. CSU head coach, Jamey Chadwell said, “It was God-awful music. I don’t know what it was, some kind of white noise.” CSU ‘Buccaneer’ fans were advised to wear earplugs. But as Gene Sapakoff said, “There is no way to block out the North Dakota State tradition, coaching staff continuity and player talent.” NDSU has had the same full-time coaching staff for three straight seasons.

Banner raising
Before the NDSU ‘Bison’ Football Team was introduced, the NDSU Football Championship banner was raised, from the floor to the roof, with the team’s thirteenth National Championship listed. 2015 was its 5th in a row. A stunning achievement in any sport at any level, but even more so in NCAA Division I football.

Team Captains
NDSU named six team captains for 2016: FS #3 Tre Dempsey, LB #49 Nick DeLuca, LB #41 MJ Stumpf, RB #25 Chase Morlock, QB #12 Easton Stick, and DT #99 Nate Tanguay. Easton Stick is the first sophomore to be named a team captain at NDSU since Quarterback Steve Walker eleven years ago.

Coin Toss
Erin Teschuk a former NDSU ‘Bison’ and Olympian steeplechase runner, takes center field for the coin toss. She competes primarily in the 3000 meters steeplechase. Erin represented Canada at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, and the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Buccaneers defer to the second half.

1st Quarter

CSU #99 David Kennedy on the kickoff to the NDSU 6. NDSU RB #8 Bruce Anderson, with a new number this year (he was #42 last year) returns it 17 yards before he’s tackled by LB #38 Jordan Ward and DB #29 Shadarius Hopkins.

NDSU QB #12 Easton Stick on a play action fake to RB #22 King Frazier. Stick hits TE #86 Jeff Illies who bowls over DB #23 Corbin Jackson and DL #40 Noah Oliver for the First Down.
RB #22 King Frazier up the middle for 1 yard to the NDSU 35. CSU DL #8 Anthony Ellis blows through the NDSU line and sacks Stick for a loss of 9 yards, with an assist by #04 DJ Curl. QB #12 Easton Stick with a screen/drop-off pass to RB #22 King Frazier. An 8-yard gain before Frazier’s tackled by DL #56 Mike Taylor. The Buccaneers have quieted the Bison crowd. #19 Jackson Koonce with a high, but short, 29-yard punt downed at the CSU 37.

CSU RB #24 Darius Hammond is dropped for loss of 2 yards by DT #99 Nate Tanguay and DE #97 Brad Ambrosius. The Bison fans are back in business, the volume has picked up. QB #19 Kyle Copeland’s long sideline pass to WR #16 Saire Davis is short. NDSU DE #96 Greg Menard and DE #97 Brad Ambrosius get a sack of their own. Copeland is brought down for a loss of 7 yards. 4th and 19 at the CSU 28. #46 Truett Burns with 32-yards rugby style punt to the NDSU 40.

NDSU QB #12 Easton Stick’s swing pass finds WR #4 Dimitri Williams on the sidelines. Williams is pushed out-of-bounds by DB #23 Corbin Jackson. Same play, other side of the field, Williams drops the pass. CSU LB #5 J.D. Sosebee breaks on the ball and knocks it away from WR #16 RJ Urzendowski. #19 Jackson Koonce with a 34-yard punt. Fair catch by RB #24 Darius Hammond at the CSU 22.

CSU RB #24 Darius Hammond runs for 3 yards. QB #19 Kyle Copeland on the option, pitches the football to RB #6 Mike Holloway, who beats NDSU to the edge. Holloway is short but runs fast, past Bison defenders for 40 yards. He’s pushed out of bounds by FS #3 Tre Dempsey. Copeland, off play action, hits WR #11 Colton Korn for 5 yards. Stopped in place by LB #41 MJ Stumpf. QB #19 Kyle Copeland holds the ball. DT #69 Blake Williams drops him for a loss of 2. Copeland finds WR #11 Colton Korn on the sidelines for a First Down CSU. Very loud, Copeland can’t make a protection change in time. Charleston Southern is forced to take a time out.
RB #6 Mike Holloway runs into LB #49 Nick DeLuca and DT #99 Nate Tanguay after two yards. Copeland keeps the ball SS #5 Robbie Grimsley grabs him after 3 yards. Grimsley has a new number this year. He was #35 last year. Copeland’s pass is batted away by LB #49 Nick DeLuca. It was intended for TE #86 Stephen Cagle. Copeland was drilled by #96 Greg Menard on the play. CSU’s Tyler Tekac attempts and misses a 36-yard field goal. The Bison lucked out on this drive.

1st and 10 at the NDSU 20. RB #8 Bruce Anderson runs for 8 yards behind a blocker before he’s tackled by LB #43 Zane Cruz and DE #96 RaSean Ray. RB #22 King Frazier dives ahead for 2 yards and the First Down.
QB #12 Easton Stick’s pass is incomplete to RB #22 King Frazier. Almost a pick-six by LB #34 Solomon Brown. RB #22 King Frazier gets 3 yards. QB #12 Easton Stick throws down the middle for 16 yards to WR #20 Darrius Shepherd. #04 DJ Curl takes him down.
RB #10 Lance Dunn found DL #56 Mike Taylor and LB #43 Zane Cruz up the middle for no yardage. Stick calls a Jet-Sweep, WR #20 Darrius Shepherd gets 19 yards before he’s push out-of-bounds by DB #04 DJ Curl and DB #29 Shadarius Hopkins.
RB #22 King Frazier pushes through the Buccaneer line for 7 yards. I like Frazier’s ‘fangs’ mouthguard. I think CJ Smith had one last year. RB #10 Lance Dunn’s run goes nowhere; into DE #96 RaSean Ray and JD Sosebee for one. RB #25 Chase Morlock surges forward for 3 yards and the First Down.
WR #4 Dimitri Williams takes the sweep but then slows down around the corner. He’s tackled by LB #43 Zane Cruz after a gain of 2.

2nd Quarter

The Buccaneers show blitz. QB #12 Easton Stick kills the play. RB #10 Lance Dunn gets 1 yard up the middle where he runs into DL #57 Nick Sands and DB #04 DJ Curl. CSU DB #7 Troy McGowens hits QB #12 Easton Stick on his blind side: an 8-yard sack. #7 Cole Davis stuggles to get the ball down on the long snap. #36 Cam Pedersen 43-yard field goal goes wide left. These teams seem evenly matched, right down to the bad luck.

CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland with a short 5-yard slide line pass complete to WR #15 Jared Scotland. The tackle is made by CB #21 Jalen Allison and LB #47 Pierre Gee-Tucker. RB #24 Darius Hammond off the option for 2 yards into DE #96 Greg Menard. Copeland on the option, tackled for a 2-yard loss by LB #41 MJ Stumpf. CSU is call for a chop block. NDSU declines it. #46 Truett Burns’ rugby punt rolls 46 yards past WR #13 Eric Perkins.

NDSU RB #10 Lance Dunn runs for 9 yards. He’s push out-of-bounds by DB #04 DJ Curl. QB #12 Easton Stick’s pass is complete to WR #4 Dimitri Williams for 4 yards and a Bison First Down.
QB #12 Easton Stick goes back to WR #4 Dimitri Williams. CSU DB #04 DJ Curl forces a Williams fumble that is recovered by LB #43 Zane Cruz at the NDSU 29.

CSU’s RB #24 Darius Hammond up the middle for 1 yard. QB #19 Kyle Copeland overthrows WR #11 Colton Korn. Copeland’s next pass is incomplete to WR #84 Kameron Brown; broken up by CB #23 Jaylaan Wimbush. A Quarterback Hurry by LB #49 Nick DeLuca, he drills Copeland. Incomplete pass. The Buccaneers line up to go for it. Coach (Jamey Chadwel) calls a time out. #97 Jacob Smoak comes out on the field and makes the 46-yard field goal. CSU takes the lead 3–0.

David Kennedy’s kick drops at the NDSU 12. RB #8 Bruce Anderson returns the kick 20 yards to the NDSU 32.
RB #22 King Frazier cuts back to his right as there is nothing in the middle for 4 yards. QB #12 Easton Stick finally calls his own number. Stick runs 18 yards to the CSU 46 and a First Down. If #05 JD Sosebee doesn’t grab his foot, Stick might have scored.
RB #10 Lance Dunn up the middle for 3 yards before he’s tackled by LB #43 Zane Cruz. RB #8 Bruce Anderson behind the block of Center #74 Tanner Volson, CSU’s DB #7 Troy McGowens reaches around and takes him down after a gain of one. QB #12 Easton Stick reads the blitz and targets WR #16 RJ Urzendowski down the middle. RJ keeps running to the CSU 9, where Urzendowski’s tackle by DB #7 Troy McGowens and DB #23 Corbin Jackson. A Pass Interference call on WR #20 Darrius Shepherd brings it back. 3rd and 21 at the NDSU 43. The Buccaneers blitz the entire line. DL #8 Anthony Ellis gets to QB #12 Easton Stick first. Stick is sacked for loss of 7 yards at the NDSU 36. #19 Jackson Koonce’s punt is downed on the CSU 30.

CSU RB #24 Darius Hammond runs for 7 yards into FS #3 Tre Dempsey. QB #19 Kyle Copeland runs for the First Down.
RB #24 Darius Hammond gets a yard before he runs into LB #49 Nick DeLuca and DE #94 Stanley Jones. Copeland takes too long, a Delay Of Game penalty is called. NDSU LB #49 Nick DeLuca runs up and spins Copeland down for loss of 2 yards. RB #6 Mike Holloway up the middle for 4 yards where he’s tackled by LB #47 Pierre Gee-Tucker. #46 Truett Burns drops his punt into WR #13 Eric Perkins hands. Perkins returns it 11 yards before he’s tripped up by LS #48 Joseph Smith.

NDSU QB #12 Easton Stick on a designed run up the middle for 5 yards. CSU LB #34 Solomon Brown trips Stick after a run for 3 yards. Stick with plenty of time checks off on RB #10 Lance Dunn for 13 yards down the middle to the CSU 47. TE #87 Connor Wentz is called for holding. 1st and 20 at the NDSU 43.
QB #12 Easton Stick, with time again fires one down the middle, but TE #86 Jeff Illies can’t grab the tip from LB #43 Zane Cruz. QB #12 Easton Stick’s screen pass to RB #22 King Frazier only gets 2 yards. DB #31 Brandon Rowland comes up to make the stop. Timeout North Dakota State to stop the clock at 00:50. QB #12 Easton Stick with plenty of time, throws high, WR #20 Darrius Shepherd leaps up for the 15 yard reception. First Down NDSU at the CSU 40.
QB #12 Easton Stick throws the deep ball to WR #83 Dallas Freeman. CSU DB #29 Shadarius Hopkins swats the ball out of Freeman’s hands. QB #12 Easton Stick scrambles, plants his feet and launches a deep ball to WR #16 RJ Urzendowski at around the 3-yard line. Unfortunately, he’s out of bounds. Stick runs the Jet sweep, but keeps the ball and heads up the middle for 6 yards; he’s taken down by DB #04 DJ Curl. Bison call a time out. #36 Cam Pedersen just makes a 52-yard field goal. A career long.. it bounces over the cross bar. CSU DB #7 Troy McGowens leaped up and tried to bat it out the way. CSU is called for roughing the holder. It will be enforced on the second half Kick-Off. The game is tied 3 to 3 as time runs out.

3rd quarter

NDSU #36 Cam Pedersen with a touchback from the 50 yard line kick off.

RB #6 Mike Holloway runs for 22 yards off the option. The Buccaneer QB got hit pretty hard. CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland keeps the ball on the option. He runs and slides for 7 yards. LB #47 Pierre Gee-Tucker and LB #44 Matt Plank sniff out the option and tackle RB #6 Mike Holloway for loss of 1 yard. (LB #49 Nick Deluca’s shoulder popped out, on the first play this half and he will bed sidelined for three weeks. Matt Plank takes his place.) RB #6 Mike Holloway runs for 47 yards and a touchdown. Holloway beat coverage to the far side lines, and then cut back all the way across the field to beat the secondary. Tyler Tekac’s extra point kick is good. CSU leads NDSU 10 to 3.

NDSU RB #8 Bruce Anderson takes CSU #99 David Kennedy’s kickoff from the endzone to the NDSU 32. CSU LB #19 Demetri Royer is injured on the play. QB #12 Easton Stick rolls out and looks to throw, but then runs for 19 yards and a First Down for NDSU. DB #7 Troy McGowens is taken off the field.
RB #8 Bruce Anderson hurdles a Buccaneer for 3 yards. RB #22 King Frazier runs fast and makes cuts for 23 yards. First Down at the CSU 23.
Stick dumps off a pass RB #8 Bruce Anderson. LB #43 Zane Cruz tackles Anderson for loss of 4 yards. RB #10 Lance Dunn runs up the middle for 4 yards. QB #12 Easton Stick lobs a pass to the edge of the endzone. WR #20 Darrius Shepherd pulls it down. #36 Cam Pedersen makes the extra point. The game is tied again. 10 to 10.

NDSU kicker #36 Cam Pedersen kickes to the CSU 5, RB #24 Darius Hammond returns it 27 yards. He’s tackled by WR #15 Daniel Polansky.
CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland holds the option too long; SS #5 Robbie Grimsley pulls him down for loss of 3 yards. CSU is called for an illegal block by WR #84 Kameron Brown. 10 yards to the CSU 22. Play Clock issue.
CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland with a nice deep throw to WR #84 Kameron Brown for 21 yards. NDSU CB #21 Jalen Allison argues it should be Offensive Pass Interference. It’s called on Allison. The penalty is declined. The Bison fans jeer.
RB #24 Darius Hammond muscles 4 yards into CB #23 Jaylaan Wimbush, who has trouble getting him down. NDSU CB #21 Jalen Allison reaches behind to Intercept Copeland’s throw at the the NDSU 24. Tackle by WR #15 Jared Scotland.

NDSU QB #12 Easton Stick rolls out, finds no receivers open, so runs for 3 yards. Stick hits WR #20 Darrius Shepherd. Shepherd pokes the Buccaneer defense to the NDSU 37 and a First Down. The tackle is by LB #41 Bobby Ruff. Sophomore Center #74 Tanner Volson, filling in for Austin Kuhnert, is called for a False Start penalty. 5 yards to the NDSU 32. CSU LB #34 Solomon Brown stops RB #10 Lance Dunn rush after 2 yards. CSU LB #43 Zane Cruz stacks up RB #8 Bruce Anderson after a run of 3 yards. QB #12 Easton Stick after a pump fake hits RB #25 Chase Morlock for 9 yards. DL #8 Anthony Ellis takes Morlock down a yard short. I’m surprised the Bison don’t go for it. #19 Jackson Koonce with 30 yard punt. Fair catch by RB #24 Darius Hammond at the CSU 24.

CSU RB #2 Ben Robinson rushes for no gain; wrapped up by DT #63 Aaron Steidl. Illegal formation called on CSU.
CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland, with plenty of time, pump fake, and his pass is complete to WR #84 Kameron Brown. First Down at the CSU 40.
RB #6 Mike Holloway runs 3 yards up the middle. RB #6 Mike Holloway right into LB #44 Matt Plank for two. Copeland is flushed out of the pocket, he runs 4 yards. 4th and 1 at the CSU 49. CSU is called for a delay of game. Truett Burns’ punt rolls to the NDSU 9.

NDSU RB #22 King Frazier steps over a defender for 7 yards. CSU LB #43 Zane Cruz is taken off the field. The Bison are wearing the Buccaneers down. RB #10 Lance Dunn curves around the line for 7 yards. First Down.
QB #12 Easton Stick off a Jet Sweep Fake, finds RB #25 Chase Morlock for 22 yards and another First Down NDSU. However, NDSU is call for a rare sideline interference penalty. First and 25 at the NDSU 30.
RB #22 King Frazier can’t get by DB #29 Shadarius Hopkins for two. RB #10 Lance Dunn for 4 yards into the heart of the CSU defense. RB #8 Bruce Anderson is almost tackled for a lost but he slips out. Jonathan Earl takes him down at the line of scrimmage.

4th Quarter

NDSU #19 Jackson Koonce punts 36 yards to the CSU 28. LB #41 MJ Stumpf drops RB #24 Darius Hammond for a loss of 4 yards.
CSU RB #24 Darius Hammond rushes for 5 yards; then 2 yards, and finally Hammond losses 3 yards, as FS #3 Tre Dempsey susses it out. A fair catch is called by WR #13 Eric Perkins on the NDSU 35.

QB #12 Easton Stick to WR #16 RJ Urzendowski. He didn’t catch it in bounds. It goes to the replay booth, still out of bounds. RB #8 Bruce Anderson gets a First Down with an 11 yard run.
RB #22 King Frazier up the middle into LB #59 Markeith Bailey. QB #12 Easton Stick runs for 5 yards. QB #12 Easton Stick throws the deep ball to WR #16 RJ Urzendowski for a Touchdown. Urzendowski has DB #4 D.J. Curl beat all the way. #36 Cam Pedersen makes the extra point. The Bison take their first lead 17 to 10.

CSU RB #24 Darius Hammond takes Pedersen kickoff from the endzone to the CSU 24, while spinning out of tackles before RB #8 Bruce Anderson takes him down.
CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland pass is deflected by LB #41 MJ Stumpf. Copeland loses 2 yards as DE #96 Greg Menard and DT #63 Aaron Steidl drag him down before he can turn up field. The Bison Fans are around 100 decibils by now. NDSU CB #23 Jaylaan Wimbush is called for pass interference. 1st and 10 at the CSU 37. It takes a long time for the crew to set the ball, giving the Buccaneers a rest. The crowd recovers it’s throat; CSU is called for a False Start.
QB #19 Kyle Copeland finds WR #16 Saire Davis for only 4 yards. RB #24 Darius Hammond gets 3 yards before DE #97 Brad Ambrosius takes him down. Copeland finds a hole, but LB #41 MJ Stumpf grabs his foot after a three-yard gain. #46 Truett Burns’ punt is downed on the NDSU 4 by RB #2 Ben Robinson.

NDSU RB #22 King Frazier runs into DL #98 Johnny Robinson and LB #34 Solomon Brown after three yards. RB #10 Lance Dunn gets three himself. RB #8 Bruce Anderson can’t hold on to Stick’s pass. #19 Jackson Koonce can’t get any distance. A Fair Catch is called by RB #24 Darius Hammond at the NDSU 42.

CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland with plenty of time finds a wide open WR #15 Jared Scotland. First and 10 at the NDSU 29. RB #24 Darius Hammond runs into LB #44 Matt Plank and DE #96 Greg Menard for no gain. Copeland rolls out, can’t find a receiver, he throws it away with LB #47 Pierre Gee-Tucker bearing down on him. Timeout called by Charleston Southern. Copeland overthrows TE #88 Travay Hatten in the endzone. 4th and 10 at the NDSU 29. Copeland hits WR #84 Kameron Brown. RB #24 Darius Hammond spinning from the hand off, races sideways for 7 yards before he’s tackled by CB #21 Jalen Allison and LB #44 Matt Plank. RB #6 Mike Holloway runs untouched up the middle for the Touchdown. Tyler Tekac makes the extra point. CSU has tied the game 17 to 17.

NDSU RB #8 Bruce Anderson returns Kennedy’s kickoff 16 yards to the NDSU 22.
RB #10 Lance Dunn dances, finds a seam, and runs up 11 yards for the First Down.
RB #10 Lance Dunn churns for 5 yards. QB #12 Easton Stick finds WR #16 RJ Urzendowski at the sidelines for 12 yards. First and 10 at the NDSU 50.
QB #12 Easton Stick rushes for another First Down. The Buccaneers look tired.
Stick’s pass bounces off WR #20 Darrius Shepherd’s hands, it’s almost an interception. RB #8 Bruce Anderson pushes the Buccaneers 6 yards. NDSU takes a time out with 1:21 left on the clock. QB #12 Easton Stick angles to the far sidelines, but he’s brought down after two yards by LB #34 Solomon Brown. NDSU OL #70 Jack Plankers is called for Holding. Third and 14 at the CSU 44. WR #83 Dallas Freeman falls to the ground to catch Stick’s 9 yards pass. North Dakota State calls a timeout with 0:27 left in the game. #36 Cam Pedersen is warming up his leg. He stays on the sidelines. Charleston Southern, returns the favor with a time out themselves. 4th and 5 at the CSU 35.
QB #12 Easton Stick tries to force a pass to #16 RJ Urzendowski. RJ doesn’t have room to make a move on the ball. DB #7 Troy McGowens gets in front, and makes the Interception, and is running toward the endzone and the win. But Stick comes across and makes the tackle. 18 seconds left. McGowens limps off the field.

CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland overthrows WR #15 Jared Scotland in the middle of the field. Copeland is flushed out. He gets 7 yards and is pushed out-of-bounds at the NDSU 33. North Dakota State calls a time out with 0:04 seconds to freeze the CSU freshman kicker. #97 Jacob Smoak attempts A 51-yard field goal. At the last moment it veers left. Time runs out on the clock.
NDSU Team Captains head for center field. The Bison have never played an OT game in the Fargodome. CSU wins the toss and defer. NDSU picks the South End Zone. The rest of the game will take place in front of our seats. It seems crazy to defer, but CSU wants to know what they need to win, before they play Offense. I imaged this game going on for some time.


On the first carry of Overtime, NDSU RB #22 King Frazier runs into a pile of Buccaneers, bounces to the outside, and runs into the endzone. Frazier was knocked out-of-bounds, but he was airborne and his leg came over on the good side of the pylon. #36 Cam Pedersen makes the extra point. The Bison lead 24 to 17.

Change of possession, CSU ball on NDSU 25, First and 10.
CSU QB #19 Kyle Copeland throws a jump ball to WR #84 Kameron Brown; CB #21 Jalen Allison knocks it away. Copeland runs the option; DE #97 Brad Ambrosius nails him on the pitchout; RB #6 Mike Holloway gets 1 yard before LB #44 Matt Plank and LB #47 Pierre Gee-Tucker take him down. Copeland shakes the cobwebs loose. His next pass is dropped by RB #6 Mike Holloway. DT #63 Aaron Steidl was about to deck him again. The Decibel meter reads 101 db on the field. Fourth and 9 at the NDSU 24. Copeland with a lob that falls a little short in the end zone. CB #23 Jaylaan Wimbush bats it away from WR #16 Saire Davis, and the crowd goes crazy. CSU is called for Offensive Pass Interference; NDSU declines and the Bison win 24 to 17.

The Bison players storm the field, at the south end zone in front of us. I’ve never see this happen in a non-play-off game.

Post Game

The NDSU Bison almost lost this game and it was due to mistakes: Penalties (70 yards), Turn Overs (1 Interception and 1 Fumble), Losing The Cup (perimeter containment on the CSU running attack), CSU Blitzes (almost every play), and Sacks (Stick was sacked three times.)
It didn’t help that NDSU lost their star Linebacker, #49 Nick DeLuca, shortly after half time. (shoulder separation) He was out rest of the game. In the second half, when the NDSU Offense found answers to CSU’s Defense, the Buccaneers Offense completed a late 4th quarter, 4th-down-play due to blown coverage by the Bison, which led to a CSU Touchdown. Then NDSU QB #12 Easton Stick threw an interception to CSU DB #7 Troy McGowens. Stick makes TD saving tackle, and #97 Jacob Smoak misses a 51-yard field goal to send the game into Overtime. OT for the first time in Fargodome history. NDSU RB #22 King Frazier scores a TD on the first play of Overtime. CSU can’t answer in four tries and the Bison squeak out with a victory.

Zack Johnson Offensive Lineman Of The Week

LG #66 Zack Johnson was named MVFC Offensive Lineman Of The Week after the game. In the game, Zack Johnson had six total knockdowns including four pancakes and two decleaters. (See Below. An informal football notation used by coaches and players, but does not show up in the Box Score.)
Johnson played 73 snaps. He did not allow a Sack or a QB Hurry. Johnson graded out at 98.6% on his assignments while leading the Bison Offensive Line in finish (88%) and technique (76%). NDSU rushed for 230 yards and put up 424 yards of total offense in the victory. It was his second career award.

A block that leaves a defensive player flat on his back.
To knock someone off their feet/cleats on to their ass.
The game is viewed by the coaches. Each coach covers only 3–4 players. They give each player a plus or a minus on each play. The pluses are totaled and divided by his total number of plays. The percentage generated is the player’s grade for the game or practice. The minuses are grouped by category so the practices can be adjusted accordingly.

Video Display Board
The Fargodome has two new 29×100 foot, 10mm high definition (HD) Daktronics video boards. Each weights 37,000 pounds. The 3-million-pixel displays give a great view of the game when the action is on the other side of the field.
The old corner displays have been replaced with 22×20 foot boards with 10mm HD resolution. This project was the largest upgrade in the Fargodome’s 23-year life. A $7.2 million dollar project, which includes a $1.3 million control room. A crew of 10+ people will be used to operate work the displays.
To warm up the crowd and introduce these high-definition boards, pre-recorded appearances from Carson Wentz, Erin Teschuk, and Chris Klieman would appear.
The addition of these HD video boards is much better than I could have hoped. If there was a knock on sitting in the endzone it was struggling to follow the action on the other end of the field. That problem has now been solved.


NDSU Spectrum, Taylor Schloemer
While the score shows that both offenses had a decent success on the night, actuality says otherwise. The score was only 3–3 in the first half, including a scoreless opening quarter. The defenses had their day in the first half, with the Buccaneers blanketing the Bison offense.
The Post And Courier, Gene Sapakoff
Overtime on ESPN, North Dakota State is supposed to win games like that. It was CSU’s first-ever game on ESPN. And if the scrappy visitor doesn’t go away quietly, it only gets noisier.
“The hard part was we couldn’t get our audibles in,” CSU head coach Jamey Chadwell said.
Running back Mike Holloway rushed for 126 years without being able to hear much. “I would try hearing our quarterback, but it was tough,” he said. “And he was standing right next to me.”
Charleston Southern head coach, Jamey Chadwell
It was amazing about our team, just the fight that they showed. This was an unbelievable environment that we were in. It was hard to compete with the noise. There were a couple of times where it looked like we were about to be out but our guys just kept striking.. (NDSU) They wore on us a little bit in the third and the fourth quarter. They’re obviously a heck of a football team but I think we are too. There’s a lot we can take from this game and build and work to but we wanted to come out with a win. Proud of our guys – they showed a lot of fight and heart.
I think the way our guys have played and proven themselves over the last three years, they’ve earned that respect. We knew that and hopefully some more people are learning that. Make no mistake, we’re disappointed tonight. We are disappointed. We’re not happy coming up here and taking the number one team to overtime. We expected to win the game and we felt like we were good enough to win the game.
I hope, one, that we represented the Big South well because we feel like we play really good football and we’re national contenders. Two, we’re proud to represent Charleston Southern and what it stands for. We know what we’re about and know what we have in our locker room. To have the stage that these guys had that the Lord put them on, it was very rewarding to watch them play.. We know what we’re about and we know what we have in our locker room. To have the state that these guys had was very rewarding to watch them play. Hopefully other people saw the special.. You’re never glad when you lose. You wish you had one more play.
Charleston Southern running back, Mike Holloway
We’re just going to take the experience and build off it rest of the season. But I do think we put the Big South on the map.
NDSU head coach, Chris Klieman
It wasn’t perfect, but a win is a win. That’s (Charleston Southern) a really good football team. They blitzed the dog out of us. They had really good athleticism. It was a test for our guys. We showed our poise.
I thought Matt (Plank) did a great job. I was really happy for Matt. He had to step up into a big-time situation. (After Linebacker Nick DeLuca left the game.)
It wasn’t perfect, but son of a gun, a win is a win and college football wins are hard to come by. Give credit where it should be, Charleston Southern played with tremendous athleticism and they played physical. But our poised show there. It was a bad feeling we had at this time last year in Montana.. (Easton Stick) He made some really good plays and had some throws he probably doesn’t like. Let’s let the film play that out.
NDSU quarterback, Easton Stick
That was a tough feeling last year after Montana. We always say, it’s hard to get wins in college football with the schedule we play. We’re going to enjoy these 24 hours.. I missed plenty of things, a lot to go back and watch tape and a great deal to learn from. Having this bye week will be huge, for me and all of our guys to learn from.
I think the mindset was going down and score and win the game. You can’t look at it any other way. (When asked about the late Interception.)
NDSU running back, King Frazier
I was just happy to finally find an open hole. I just trusted my instincts.

NDSU Individual Stats:


  • QB #12 Easton Stick was 12/27 for 194 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. He also ran the ball 11 times for 45 net yards. He was sacked three times, but also made a game saving tackle. Stick was named the NDSU Player Of The Game.
  • RB #22 King Frazier led the Bison on the ground with 11 carries for 79 yards and one 25-yard touchdown run to win the game in OT. King also caught two balls for 10 yards.
  • RB #10 Lance Dunn had 50 yards on 12 carries. He also caught a 13-yard pass.
  • RB #08 Bruce Anderson carried 7 times for 32 yards. He also caught a pass, but it lost four yards.
  • WR #20 Darrius Shepherd had one nice 19-yard run. He had four catches for 64 yards and a touch down.
  • RB #25 Chase Morlock carried once for 3 yards: he was blocking today. Chase caught two passes for 31 yards.
  • WR #04 Dimitri Williams with a two-yard carry. He had three catches for one net yard.
  • WR #16 RJ Urzendowski had 2 catches for 59 yards including a 47-yard Touchdown.
  • TE #86 Jeff Illies had an eleven-yard catch.
  • WR #83 Dallas Freeman caught one 9-yard pass.


  • LB #41 MJ Stumpf led the Bison with 8 tackles, one for a two-yard loss. He also had a pass break up.
  • LB #44 Matt Plank had 6 tackles and shared a tackle-for-loss (TFL)
  • LB #47 Pierre Gee-Tucker also had 6 tackles and shared a TFL. He also had a Quarterback Hurry.
  • DE #96 Greg Menard had six tackles, a TFL and a 4 yard Quarterback Sack.
  • FS #03 Tre Dempsey had five tackles, a pass break up, and a three-yard TFL.
  • DT #99 Nate Tanguay had five tackles and shared a TFL.
  • CB #21 Jalen Allison had four tackles, an interceptions, and a pass break up.
  • CB #23 Jaylaan Wimbush had four tackles, and three pass break ups.
  • DE #97 Brad Ambrosius had 4 tackles a TFL (4-yards) and shared a QB Sack.
  • SS #05 Robbie Grimsley had three tackles.
  • LB #49 Nick DeLuca left the game early in the second half with a shoulder injury, but he had three tackles, a QB Hurry, and a two-yard TFL.
  • RB #08 Bruce Anderson, QB #12 Easton Stick, WR #15 Daniel Polansky, DT #63 Aaron Steidl, DT #69 Blake Williams, DE #93 Jarrod Tuszka, and DE #94 Stanley Jones each had one tackle. Steidl shared a TFL and had a QB Hurry. Williams had a two-yard TFL.

Special Teams

  • K #19 Jackson Koonce struggled in his first game as a Bison. He punted six times for 195. His longest was only 36 yards.
  • K #36 Cam Pedersen, made all his extra points. He missed a 43-yard field goal, but made the 52-yard attempt. It was the longest field goal in the FCS during opening week. It was the third longest in NDSU history. Pedersen also had three Kickoffs for 175 yards and a Touchback.
  • WR #13 Eric Perkins had one 11 yard punt return.
  • RB #08 Bruce Anderson took four Kickoffs 85 yards, with a long of 32 yards.

Team Statistics

Game Stats CSU NDSU
Passing Yards 94 194
Rushing Yards 169 230
Total Offensive Yards 263 424
Penalty Yards 6–45 6–70
First Downs 11 21
3rd Downs 2–12 6–15
4th Downs 1–2 0–1
Time Of Possession 27:02 32:58



The Fargo Forum has complete coverage of the game.

  • Eric Peterson: Bison win an overtime thriller over Charleston Southern. With six photos by David Sampson.
  • Jeff Kolpack: These FCS Kickoff games are early for an offense, but filled with drama.
  • Chris Murphy: History within grasp for Charleston Southern, but Buccaneers didn’t grab it.
  • Kevin Schnepf: As clear as the new video boards, one thing is certain: Bison just find a way to win.
  • Photo Gallery: by David Samson.

NDSU Media

You can’t beat GoBison.com. They have participation rosters, play-by-play lists, team stats, and individual stats.

Opponent Media

Stream the 2nd Half and Over-Time of the ESPN game coverage on YouTube.com.


NDSU vs CSU 24 to 17

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